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Have you ever been troubled by the unnecessary death of African children from preventable diseases?

An estimated 10,000 children die each day in sub-Saharan Africa from easily preventable diseases.  Out of those, 3,000 die from waterborne illnesses; another 4,000 die from Malaria infection; and about 3,000 die from HIV infection or AIDS.

Have you ever been puzzled by African children’s educational dreams being shattered for lack of basic school supplies? Have you ever thought “that someone” should do something? Has it ever occurred to you that “that someone” could be you?

Founded in 2007 for the common good, Save Our Souls Foundation is one of the leading public 501(c)(3) U.S. charitable organizations whose mission is to help the poorest and most vulnerable children in the U.S. and Africa. Our domestic programs focus on immigrant integration, assisting the homeless, reducing poverty and hunger, and providing educational support services.

Our foreign programs focus on sub-Saharan Africa countries, promoting a bold agenda in prevention of malaria and HIV/AIDS, assisting in community development, providing educational support, developing clean water sources, and  enhancing sustainable livelihoods. Our goal is to realize this mission of easing children suffering and strengthening their abilities to help themselves.

This is a call to action to end the unnecessary death of innocent children in Africa. Given the current global economic recession, this is the perfect time to act. Within the time it takes you to read this message, another 16 children have died of malaria and waterborne diseases, while about 100 have been bitten by mosquitoes. Through your support, hundreds of millions of African children will enjoy better quality of life and opportunities in the nearest future. We hope you will compassionately support our cause and say YES to Save-A-Life today.

Thank you.